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[The Workshop] Big, Nasty Savage Worlds Monsters

In the workshop, we play with game mechanics. Hacks, add-ons, modules, subsystems, and house rules.

So Savage Worlds has this funny little divide in the mechanics: There are two types of entities in the entire world. There are Wild Cards, and there are Extras. Extras go down in one wound, Wild Cards go down in three. Three or One. There’s nothing else. Adding wounds beyond three, or giving an Extra more wounds, is a cardinal sin of Savage Worlds hacking because it mucks with the mechanics so much. You’re going to significantly slow down the speed of play – which is one of Savage Worlds’ primary strengths.

So how, then, do you deal with a creature so vast, so immense, or so vicious that representing it as a Wild Card with a titanic size bonus just isn’t going to cut it? How do you even begin to challenge Legendary Characters? I’ve got what I think is the easiest solution for that.

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A Few ‘Savage Worlds’ Hacks

I currently run a weekly Deadlands Reloaded game, which uses the Savage Worlds generic system from Pinnacle. The game is eminently hackable, consisting as it does of a pretty simple mechanics giving a “pulp” feel to whatever genre you choose. Their mantra is Fast, Furious, Fun. They like to say that if something about the game isn’t “FFF” then you should change it. Implicit in their rules, as well, is the idea that you’ll be working out various setting rules (read: hacks) for whatever genre you’re playing. In essence, Pinnacle wants you to hack savage worlds with gleeful abandon. They want you to wield your rule zero like a machete, house ruling to your heart’s content.

Don’t have to tell me twice. I’ll be looking at a few of my own: The Take A Benny, Leave A Benny tray, as well as Secret Hand and Team-Up initiative options and Fifth Round Draw, and Hold ‘Em initiative variants.

So, without further ado, some delightfully Savage hacks for Savage Worlds:

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